Each has

his own milk !

Milk , an essential element in a well-balanced diet

As an important component of our daily food supply, milk is varied for all kinds of uses and for all tastes. Whatever its form, it always retains these 16 basic nutrients*

Semi-skimmed milk

It is undoubtedly the most popular and consumed milk. It is a product that has undergone the same pasteurization process as whole milk but has less cream reintroduced.
Half-skimmed milk contains between 1.5 and 1.8 g of fat per 100 ml of milk that preserves the taste of milk without being too fat. This is why it is perfect for children who digest it faster than adults. It is easily recognized by its blue cap.

High-fat milk

It is a product that contains at least 3.25% fat, which makes it lighter than cream.
This fat level varies according to different factors such as several breeds of a dairy cow, its age, its food supply, or the period of lactation. But did you know that the milk collected and sent to the dairy, was first pasteurized and then separated from the cream by a centrifuge?
It is only in one single step that the cream is reintroduced, to the tune of 3.6g per 100 ml of milk, a minimum quantity that defines the whole milk.
This fat concentration level makes high-fat milk often used in recipes to enhance taste and texture. High-fat milk packaging is recognized by its red cap, a code universally adopted by the dairy industry.

Skimmed milk

This product is particularly recommended for high cholesterol or a strict diet type of people. It does not contain more than 0,5 g of fat per 100 ml of milk. It has more liquid and is slightly translucent, it is also less tasty than high-fat and half skimmed milk.
This difference makes it difficult to use in cooking, especially in recipes that require milk. We can say it is a product we use more for direct consumption, such as drinking. It is easily recognized by its green cap.

Flavored milk

( Banana – Chocolate – Strawberry – Vanilla )

This product has the same nutrient intake as regular milk, to which cocoa and sugar have been added in an equivalent proportion with natural apple juice without added sugar.
This flavoring makes it possible to have a chocolate product perfectly suited to kids who do not appreciate the taste of milk and to whom it is difficult to daily consume the recommended number of milky portions.
Research in Europe shows that children and adolescents who drink flavored milk consume more milk than others consume, therefore get a more balanced food supply, without gaining some weight. Similarly, the protein-carbohydrate balance of chocolate-flavored milk makes it an ideal drink to hydrate and recover after the gym!

Lben and Raieb

These are raw milk products, fermentation yogurt but with different ferments and processes to be specific.
On the fermented side, Lben and Raïeb are obtained by the introduction of Bifidobacterium into the milk with different temperatures and longer seeding than yogurt.
A glass of Lben or Raïeb provides the same nutrients as a glass of milk, including in terms of calcium. Moreover, lactic bacteria play an important role in the preservation of intestinal flora.
That is why, without medical contraindications, Lben or Raïeb can be consumed by everyone in the family.


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