Upstream Dairy

Thanks to the mesh field provided by “Achat Lait” team and given its social responsibility, Délice Holding is now recognized as a citizen brand and a driving force for the development of the dairy sector in Tunisia.
Thanks to the assistance, monitoring, and supervision provided by its buyers, leaders, and auditors, Délice Holding has been able to build a strong, lasting, and trusting relationship with all the manufacturers in the milk value chain in Tunisia.

Milk producers

Délice Holding regularly assures training to farmers which allows them to perfectly manage their herds, therefore ensure quality milk production and higher profitability :

Formations et journées de sensibilisation en Bonnes Pratiques d’Elevage

Formation Farmer Business School (FBS) en partenariat avec la GIZ/IAAA :

As part of a public-private partnership (PPP) with GIZ/IAAA, Délice Holding provides training to farmers based on the financial management of their dairy farm. This training aims to strengthen their capacity to become autonomous entrepreneurs with sustainable activity. It includes :

  • The Environmental Aspects
  • Economic Aspects (control of costs and operating costs)
  • Management aspects (mastery of key agricultural management tools)
  • Managerial aspects of the agricultural enterprise

Délice Holding has so far trained 10,000 breeders, 31% of whom are women; 36% of these breeders are followed, assisted, and accompanied, which has increased their production by more than 19% and improved their income by 26%

« Hlib EL Khir » Project:

Hlib El Khir is a project born from a partnership between Délice Holding and the microfinance institution Zitouna Tamkeen whose main aim is to improve milk production on a quality and quantity level while guaranteeing better profitability for small farms, helping to promote the economic and social aspects of small dairy farmers (flocks with less than 5 heads).
The main axes of this project are:
– Technical support development of our livestock advisors.
– Facilitating access to credit (individual studies) and financing acquisition of pure breeds, livestock insurance, breeding equipment, and other …
– Cold development through the installation of mini tanks
Hlib El Khir project aims to reach 5,000 farmers.

Hygiene Practices

Délice Holding organizes Training courses in Good Hygiene Practices (BPH) for the benefit of the 250 laboratory agents of collective centers and raw milk collectors.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

Délice Holding has helped to consolidate and modernize storage capacity, transport, and instantaneous cooling at collection centers.
The installed capacity between 2008 and 2018 was 959,500 L in terms of a storage tank, 1,103,000 L in terms of a tanker truck, 49 ice water power plants.

Tanker Truck

Transport of Milk

Milk supplier Portal

In order to optimize delivery planning for raw milk suppliers and to ensure a regular supply throughout the day, Délice Holding has set up an application for raw milk suppliers who can monitor the queue status at each site and monitor the progress of their deliveries in real life.

Activity Video

Milk purchase


Visit our Dairy Central

in Sidi Bouzid as if you were there !

The Dairy Central of Sidi-Bouzid SA ‘’CLSB” is a joint-stock company under Tunisian law. Founded on June 13, 2011, CSLB aims to manufacture, package and market milk and its derivatives. The capital of the company, which joined production in April 2014, currently stands at 85MDT.

Délice & You

Délice now uses all its Know-How and expertise to serve consumers in order to provide them with quality products that enable them to have a healthy lifestyle. With carefully selected and collected milk from our local farmers, quality control to international standards, to serve you the best dairy products!