The origin

of our Milk

The quality of milk, at the center of our concerns!



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The origin

of our Milk

From our early stages, our milk quality has been the heart of our concerns. From the farms to our sale points passing through the collection steps, sterilization, processing, and packaging. Our primary concern is always to ; preserve the quality of the products we provide.

Since we’re the leader of the Tunisian dairy industry, our group has not only contributed over the years to consolidate and modernize our tools and technologies by first establishing our group in the heart of the Tunisian dairy basins, but also by encouraging investment in the industry. Between 2008 and 2020, Délice Group was able to mobilize 36 million dinars direct and indirect aid for professionals, to improve their refrigeration, storage, and transport capacity.

Today, the 153 existing centers in Tunisia receive and transport more than 400 million liters of milk each year to factories. 75,000 small breeders are affected and are guaranteed a stable income. Délice Holding Group has strengthened its human resources in that field, requiring optimal livestock hygiene, methods of milking, collecting, and delivering; a requirement that allows us today to obtain high-quality milk, guaranteed for the well-being and safety of all our consumers.


Visit our Dairy Central

in Sidi Bouzid as if you were there !

The Dairy Central of Sidi-Bouzid SA ‘’CLSB” is a joint-stock company under Tunisian law. Founded on June 13, 2011, CSLB aims to manufacture, package and market milk and its derivatives. The capital of the company, which joined production in April 2014, currently stands at 85MDT.

Délice & You

Délice now uses all its Know-How and expertise to serve consumers in order to provide them with quality products that enable them to have a healthy lifestyle. With carefully selected and collected milk from our local farmers, quality control to international standards, to serve you the best dairy products!